What Are Web Strategies?

WEB STRATEGIES are methods used to meet website goals. The goal here is to GET CLIENTS so we implement methods to successfully achieve that.

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Web Strategies For Getting Clients


(1) Discover gaps in your client roadmap.

(2) Implement improvements.

(3) See results. 

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Kowanna Parran

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What are Kowanna's customers saying?

"I'm so happy with my sales funnel.  It makes my targets so much clearer. She's a great person who really knows her stuff. :) I got some really useful insights."

Sharon Johnson - Boss Level Leadership

My favorite part of Kowanna's product is...

"The continuity of her brand + the QUANTITATIVE data. That part scares me so it's nice to see real numbers.  Her numbers fortify my need for an ad strategy - and there's less fear in the knowing."

Sarah Price - Neon Cardigan

Prior to working with Kowanna, my biggest fear was...

"Not knowing where to begin. Now I know where to go and what I need to get there. Numbers are scary but Kowanna makes it clear and simple."

La-Dana Manhertz-Smith - Mind Set On Well

What are Kowanna's customer's saying?

"My biggest fear was having a hard time truly understanding sales funnels but this was really helpful and the explanation was very well documented and done. Definitely someone to trust in understanding this process."

Ali Joseph - Innovate Assist LLC

What are customers saying about Kowanna?

"You are warm and personable. You understand your business and you seek to understand your client's needs in order to properly help them. You clearly described what was needed and how to get it done."

Tolu Ojesina - Moadacrafts


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