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I’m a Client Acquisition Expert and Web Strategist fueled by a passion for creativity, innovation, and producing solutions for clients. As a “solutionist”, I'm eager to dive in and figure out why it's such a challenge for some people to get customers. All situations are unique and I can navigate all playing fields. Here's a snippet of my history...

When I was a young child I enjoyed fixing all things electronics. I even joined the electronics program in high-school and had dreams of becoming an electronics engineer. I graduated with honors and began an electronics engineering program at a trade school. Life has a way of taking you in other directions, so I went through a few hardships and ended up not completing the program at the trade school.

Later, after starting a family, I enrolled in college and received a diploma in Computer Information Systems and a degree in Business Administration (BA). While obtaining my BA degree, I worked as an assistant in an acquisition office. That’s where my experience in the acquisition field began. I made my way up the ladder going from Assistant to Contracting Officers Representative to Contract Specialist to Procurement Analyst to Program Management Officer and Portfolio Manager. 

In the past 15 years I have managed multi-million dollar programs and complex contracts while receiving numerous on-the-spot and superior performance awards for my work.

The path that I took to get here wasn't my initial plan, but it has prepared me to run this business.  My experience allows me to see things from various perspectives and take a multifaceted approach to business.  I make well-rounded decisions about products/services and I do it from an acquisition perspective considering the cost and risk factors involved with product development and the customer's experience. If you have an online business then try out my complimentary custom sales funnel plan and see for yourself.  Custom Sales Funnel Plan


Kowanna Parran, CEO
Web Strategies for Getting Clients


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